Intellectual Property Operation

Combining with the major needs of local industries development and aiming at solving the key and common technologies, a high-value patent cultivation center, in a collaborative effort with universities, is built with characteristic advantages in China. The center is responsible for the construction of patent information resources, patent layout, determination of RD direction, invention disclosure and diagnosis, and decision making and consultation of other major matters. It also coordinates universities to invest patent ownership and resources such as personnel, RD, information, to realize an open-sharing and sustainable patent cultivation platform.

Production-Learning-Research Cooperation

As a large-scale industrial innovation ecological operator recognized in China, Dr. Technology has established cooperation with more than 300 universities and institutes, more than 100 service agencies and other sci-tech innovative resources at home and abroad. Meanwhile, relying on more than 11,000 doctoral members of Guangdong Dr. Council for the Promotion of Innovation and Development as intellectual support, Dr. Technology provides full-chain sci-tech innovative service for more than 80 municipal and county governments, more than 20,000 enterprises and more than 3,000 doctoral entrepreneurial projects in 17 provinces. These are all the important parts of essential productive factors for technological innovation. We will find out the sci-tech achievements and open up the connection between politics, production, learning, research and use in a corporate technological-demand-oriented way.

Technology Transfer and Transformation

Our service engages in the transformation of sci-tech achievements in universities by means of service purchase, project cooperation, etc., in order to build an open and publicly-recognized transformation platform and accelerate the transformation efficiency.