Innovative Project Diagnosis

With the core of "six systems of sci-tech consultant", a comprehensive and professional diagnostic method for scientific management and scientific innovation is provided aiming at small and medium-sized enterprises. Case: Guangzhou Innovision Co.Ltd. was provided all-round guidance and special training by Dr. Technology, and was led on the way to innovation development. After over half a year's efforts, the company has established a perfect sci-tech innovation system with a sci-tech project approval system and a special account system for RD expenses. Moreover, it has obtained the authorization of two intellectual property. It has been witnessed that the innovation ability has been significantly improved, laying an important foundation for being better certified as a national high-tech enterprise.


Innovative Qualification Management

Policy declaration can be in order and in control, as well as well-prepared. Through the declaration, the enterprise not only gets the innovative qualification card and is supported by policy, but also is encouraged to innovate and accumulate innovative elements. Case: Under the contract of sci-tech consultant service, Dr. Technology was commissioned by Vipshop to perform tax planning and government project declaration planning, in order to earn tax breaks and financial support from the government in the greatest degree. A team consisting of senior financal and project experts from Dr. Technology conducted an in-depth analysis on its business, operation, organizational structure and future development, finally formulating a plan to maximize its revenue. In recent years, Dr. Technology has coached Vipshop and Guangzhou Pinwei Software (isolated from Vipshop) every year to carry out additional deduction of RD expenses before tax, around 30-40 million and 50 million respectively, saving a large amount of taxes; Meanwhile, Guangzhou Pinwei Software was certified a national high-tech enterprise in 2014 and 2017, and certified a key software enterprise in 2018.


Innovative Tools Management

Relying on the whole-process information system of technology transfer in Dr. Technology Cloud, we provide innovative enterprises with online diagnosis of technology demand, solution matching in an intelligent manner, and technology whole-process tracking under "Bole" (a good judge of talent) 's attention. In such ways to solve innovation problems, the cost of obtaining innovative information can be reduced and innovation efficiency can be boosted. So far, more than 600 enterprises have access to the whole-process information system of technology transfer that has published more than 2,000 information about technical requirements, and recommended technology and talents for enterprises for more than 3,000 times.


Innovative Resources Management

(1) Talents. Introduce talents and teams for enterprises based on ten thousands of high-level talents gathered in Guangdong Dr. Council for the Promotion of Innovation and Development. (2) Technology. Based on the outcome-based database, automatic keyword matching is realized, and offline demand docking service is provided for enterprises to meet the needs of technological achievements introduction; (3) Fund. Dr. Liuhui Achievement Transformation Fund focuses on the transformation of high-tech achievements. It only invests Hard Core technology in its early stage. Therefore, the fund can help projects in early stage that many funds refuse, and minimize the investment risk to truly realize the transformation of many achievements. Relying on Dr. Technology Cloud, we help enterprises cultivate innovation capability through whole-chain service in policy and innovative granularity trading service; offer a platform for suppliers and demanders and empower industrial upgrading by integrating various innovative element resources and using big data technology.


Innovative System Management

Originality starts from the six systems of sci-tech innovation (management system, intellectual property system, project approval and achievement management system, production-learning-research cooperation system, human resources system and sci-tech financial system) set up by the RD institution. We assist enterprises to establish a standardized and perfect innovation management system by means of "diagnosis-planning-implementation". Case: Guangzhou Jiude Technology Co.Ltd. trusts in Dr. Technology very much and entrusts Dr. Technology with overall technology consulting service. Through preliminary information collection --- enterprise information research --- management planning and discussion, Dr. Technology came up with practical implementation plans as regards sci-tech finance and tax management, personnel management, scientific project approval management, intellectual property management, sci-tech achievements management, and RD organization management. Meanwhile, it helped declare all the possible projects to gain the best policy benefits and support rapid development of Jiude Technology. So far, the valuation of Jiude Technology has exceeded 500 million yuan.