Guangzhou Doctor Information Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Dr. Technology") was founded in 2004, which originated from Guangzhou Doctor Club initiated by Guangzhou Municipal Government in 2001. "We serve for innovation and make it industrialized", Dr. Technology is always the top operator of industrial innovation ecology and leading enterprise of innovation infrastructure, with rich resources worldwide and service nationwide, which is the pioneer of sci-tech service to lead the industrial transformation and to build the first online platform for sci-tech service.

After 19 years' dominating in the market, Dr. Technology has an innovative service team with over 500 high-degree and high-level staffs. In addition, Dr. Technology has one cloud (Dr. Technology Cloud), two institutes (Dr. Business School and Dr. Innovation Research Institute), six centers (technology transfer center, innovative development center, industrial development center, fund management center, intellectual property center and regional support and management center), as well as several overseas branches/cooperative institutions and 32 domestic molecular companies. Supported by over 300 cooperative colleges, 12,000 doctoral members and 100 service agencies all over the world, Dr. Technology provides full-chain innovative service for over 80 municipal and county governments from 17 provinces, 20,000 enterprises, 3,000 doctoral entrepreneurship projects. In recent years, we have undertaken and operated more than 20 regional technology markets with high quality, deeply incubated more than 500 sci-tech projects, realized the landing of regional industries along with nearly 1,000 talents and projects, and promoted the transformation of sci-tech achievements to exceed 7 billion yuan in amount of transaction.

Dr. Technology, a strategic partner with the Director Unit of the National Alliance for the Transformation of Scientific and Technological Achievements and National Technology Transfer South Center, is dedicated to gathering global innovative resources to serve the innovative development in the region and usher in innovation and transformation of the talent service industry. It is highly concerned and acknowledged by the state, governments, academic Institutions, enterprises, innovation and entrepreneurship talents, etc., and therefore has been awarded more than 170 honorary qualifications such as "Demonstration Organization of National Technology Transfer", "Demonstration Enterprise of Innovation and Development in National Modern Service Industry", "National Patent Technology Exhibition and Trading Center", "Demonstration Platform of National SME Public Service", "Guangdong Top 100 Enterprises in Science and Technology Service Industry" and "Demonstration Unit of Comprehensive Service Agency for Guangdong SME".

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Sci-Tech Innovation Process of Dr. Technology