It is an era of innovation.
Delegates the leader of innovation, we advocate that we are recruiting the Innovation Ecosystem Partnership. We are inviting you all to explore, create and fulfill the local technology industrial service that is motivated by tech-innovation and energize the local tech-development.

Cooperation Model

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    The co-partnership is responsible for operation of industry innovation center belongs to the Doctor Technology and applying for the subsidy from the government. The co-partnership has exclusive privilege of using the brand, resources and service with Dr. Technology.

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    The industry innovation center exists as a franchisee while The Dr. Technology is responsible for site selection, renovation and branding after achieving cooperation.

About the Industry Innovation Center

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    The Industry Innovation Center of Dr. Technology is the leader of China Technological service business that bases on the innovational infrastructure, equipped with big data cloud platform, fills with whole chain of innovational service, targets of giving intelligence to the upgraded regional industry innovation, transforms the innovation into the realistic products.

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    The innovation center adheres the responsibility of“industry in cloud and innovating for future” and provides the cloud platform, innovational elements centralized platform and technological consultation service that bases on big data, internet, AI and the blockchain.

  • 底蕴深厚 资源丰富
    Profound Foundation Abundant Resources

  • Integrated innovation system

    Guiding the industrial development

  • More than ten thousand Doctors talent pool

    Helping projects to attracting investment

  • Intensive binding with leading enterprise

    Accelerating industrial incubation achievement

  • Twenty years' concentration

    Recognized leading role in the industry

  • Supported by big data platform

    Promoting regional innovation index ranking

  • One hundred billion capital protection

    Helping projects to be transformed and achieved

  • Intellectual property systematization operational service

    Stepping in Blue Ocean Market

全方位项目帮扶 破解0经验困局
Comprehensive Support

  • Caring escort,Headquarter senior executive involve in operational hours

  • Franchises,All-round marketing support

  • System sharing,Innovative recourse systematic export

  • Centralized practical training,Professional and practical training

  • Whole journey of growth accompany,Easily obtaining clients

Rights And Equity

  • Franchises

  • Recourse export

  • Systematic construction

  • Operational Instruction

  • Headquarter benefit

  • Multiplication buy-back

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