Industrial Cube

Industrial Cube is the first sector fund by Dr. Technology Fund Center aiming at becoming the most effective fund for government and offering the most matching governmental resources for venture capital (VC) institutions. By integrating VC resources, the Industrial Cube can offer the proper excellent projects and VC institutions for local governments and facilitate the landing of governmental fund. Industrial Cube aims at introducing advanced industries in the third- and fourth-tier cities to promote the upgrading and transformation of local industries and boost the economy. Dr. Technology Fund Center has established the VR Fund with Huaibei city, Anhui Province, in order to promote the regional upgrading and transformation and carry out the construction of VR production lines, etc.

Sci-Tech Finance

Sci-Tech Finance is divided into two parts: (1) Equity financing. Find suitable investment institutions for enterprises, including direct investment from Dr. Technology Fund, contracted managers and investment from other institutions; (2) Debt financing. Combining with the polices of Guangzhou municipal and district government, we will make the best debt financing plan in collaborative efforts with cooperative banks, to borrow the largest amount of money at the lowest rate.

Improvement of Business Plans

Start the improvement of business plans from the perspective of investors--- (1) Cover all basic information that investors focus on; (2) Extract the highlights of the projects; (3) Show the potential of the projects. All actions are to better attract investors.

Design of Equity Framework

According to the enterprise location, the present organizational structure, future development plan, design the proper equity structure, employee incentive platform, etc., in order to optimize management, avoid tax legally, encourage personnel, thereby better expanding enterprise subsequently.

Entrepreneurial Competition Coaching

All-round coaching for improvement of BP, roadshow coaching, after-game improvement that entrepreneurial competition needs.