• Technology Transfer Ecosystem
  • Regional Innovation Ecosystem
  • Industrial Resources Allocation and Operation System
  • Underlying Logic of Industry Ecological Operation
  • Enterprise Sci-Tech Consulting Service System
  • Industrial Cultivation System
  • Intellectual Property Life Cycle Management System
  • " 1+N " Talent and Efficiency Acceleration Service System

Based on its intensive study and practice over many years, standing on the perspective of ecological operation, Dr. Technology outlines the interactive relationship between participants and innovative element in the technology transfer system, and conducts an in-depth analysis on the effects and external factors of various ecological communities, laying a solid theoretical ground for the upgrading and evolution of the technology transfer ecosystem, and the construction and operation of the technology transfer platform.

Revolutionary Path of the Technology Transfer Ecosystem

Under the ecological perspective, Dr. Technology has found the objective law of the operation of technology transfer and the leverage solution to the evolution of the ecosystem of technology transfer— High-Efficient Platform for Technology Transfer. Relying on the linkage and supporting effects of the platform, Dr. Technology proposed revolutionary path of structuration, systematization of the technology transfer ecosystem.

Application and Effects

Based on technology transfer ecosystem and its evolution theory, Dr. Technology built a technology transfer platform system with new generation of information technology (big data, blockchain and artificial intelligence etc.) as the core, and with information tools as the joint access. Moreover, the construction and operation of more than 20 regional technology markets were undertaken, effectively promoting the upgrading and evolution of regional and even national technology transfer ecosystems.

Learning experience from the professional and systematic study and practice of sci-tech innovative service on talent innovation and startup, enterprises' capacity of sci-tech innovation improvement and regional sci-tech innovation system, etc., Dr. Technology has a deep understanding of objective laws, such as cultivation and construction of sci-tech innovative ability, allocation and transformation of sci-tech innovative resources, and sci-tech innovation management service. Therefore, regional innovation ecosystem framework was built, including creative groups such as government departments, enterprises, colleges and universities, talent teams, sci-tech finance (GBUTF), to provide the theoretical base for further establishment of the regional technology transfer ecosystem and usher in sci-tech service industries towards the normalized development.

Taking the industry ecology of "innovative resources x innovative service" as the core logic of operation, industry demands as the guidance, professional service as the leverage, activities operation as the link, Dr. Technology built the concept model of operation and allocation of industrial resources, such as resource demand mining methodology, resource channel construction and operation, resource matching and docking, resource incubation and proliferation. The system can therefore adaptively and appropriately help assist regions in docking, importing and allocating industrial resources, as well as support industrial cultivation and development.

The core of industrial cultivation and upgrading lies in innovation, while innovative resources and innovative service are indispensable and important supports for industrial innovation. Ushering in the construction of industrial innovation ecology, Dr. Technology has explored the industrial cultivation path with "innovative resources × innovative service" as the underlying logic, which has solved the dilemma of lack of motivation in industrial innovation and upgrading, providing practical solutions for China's industry to move upscale.

Application and Effects

Based on the underlying logic of industrial ecological operation, Dr. Technology has proposed the operating system of industrial cluster cultivation such as industrial innovation complex, formed the vertical path of innovative resources and innovative service penetrating and transforming into industry, and has joined hands with relevant leading enterprises to launch industrial cluster cultivation projects such as ceramic industrial innovation complex, VR industrial innovation complex, new energy industrial innovation complex and modern agricultural industrial innovation complex.

With the gradual deepening of the research on the composition and pattern of the elements of enterprise sci-tech innovation ability, innovative service team in Dr. Technology has condensed the systematic service concept of assisting enterprises to improve their sci-tech innovation ability and management ability. By forming the six-systems methodologies and supporting service tools for sci-tech innovation enterprises, further improving the service concept of enterprise sci-tech consulting.

According to the cultivation needs of strategic emerging industries in various regions, with the core logic of "resource x capital x service", Dr. Technology has created a complete concept and mode pattern from industry research planning to industry cluster building. Of which has solved the pain point of unclear planning, similar policies, lack of resources, weak finance, weak carriers and lagging services. Facilitating the cultivation and development of regional industry, where targeted planning, differentiated competition and synergistic development become possible.

Through a three-year period, Our Objective is to help enterprises become strong IP enterprises. By taking patent layout, patent application and patent right operation as the objects and market-oriented operation as the means, we embed the creation, layout, operation and management of patents into the operation process of enterprises' industrial chain, value chain and innovation chain, and promote the integration of optimal enterprise innovative resources and optimization of resource allocation structure, so as to maximize the market economic value of patents.

In order to serve the high-level talents who devoted to innovation and entrepreneurship in an all-round way, Dr. Technology provides the whole-chain service called "Talent and Efficiency Acceleration Service System", including the transformation, incubation and industrialization of innovation and entrepreneurship projects, where 1 refers to one "Innovation Card", while N refers to multiple measures that can work out the problems of inappropriate policy environment to high-level talents, weak promotion and publicity, lack of industrial resources and insufficient startup capital, such as sci-tech innovation camp, training for excellence, service support, value acceleration and efficiency increase. The system functions include production-learning-research demand push and order receiving, outcomes display and evaluation docking, talent policies push, entrepreneurial competition recommendation, project online roadshow docking, etc.

Application and Effects

A member of Dr. Council for the Promotion of Innovation and Development/ Winner of "Jinbo" Award: Dr. Pan
Research fields: Automatic acquisition and application of low-cost three-dimensional manikin
Incubation outcomes: Project outcomes are applied in VR leading enterprises, so the project gained angel investment of 10 million yuan from the Dr. Fund; gain R&D supporting funds of 10 million yuan from the government; Dr. Pan was introduced to universities to found VR research institute as the core technical expert; the project outcomes have been industrialized, and the industrial scale has reached hundreds of millions yuan.